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Case Studies

So far, our technology empowered several hundred organizations. Read few stories about how we helped our customers to solve their business challenges.

Case Study e-commerce 5.10.15.
  • Preparation of integration with the logistic operator on SAP platform
  • Integration with the warehousing and accounting software
  • Creation of the advanced reporting module for sales and analytics

“The platform created by i-systems based on the cutting-edge eCommerce standards is a prelude to continued cooperation and a beginning of a comprehensive performance of the omnichannel strategy we have been developing at present.“

Sebastian Moleda, Operating Director of Komex
Case Study e-commerce Pitbull
  • Integration of several warehouses
  • Adaptation of the system to cross-border sales
  • Creation of the programmes strengthening customers’ loyalty

“Integration of the system with the Subiekt GT ERP, as well as implementation of the module responsible for a smooth cooperation between several warehouses, has automated processes, connected with execution of orders placed by our customers, in a considerable way.“

Michał Kautz, the owner of Pitbull Promotion
Case Study e-commerce Herbamedicus
  • Automation of orders at the suppliers
  • Support for the efficient execution of orders
  • Implementation of the solutions, enabling to create individual price list

“We chose i-systems to create our eCommerce system, because thanks to their solutions we can dynamically expand activities in B2B model. We want to be visible on the Internet, as it gives us sense of development and limitless possibilities.“

Adam Jakobiuk, CEO at Herbamedicus
Case Study e-commerce Run Colors
  • Creation of integration with warehouse-accounting software by Insert
  • Preparation of server infrastructure ready to handle high traffic on the website
  • Creation of intelligent discount groups

“The cooperation with i-systems allowed us to adjust the online shop to eCommerce trends. Run Colors is now ready to take up new challenges.“

Mateusz Pacocha, the owner of Run Colors
Case Study e-commerce
  • Creating a clear and simple layout compliant with the international key visual of the brand
  • Creating advanced integration with the warehousing & accounting software Hermes
  • Improving product search processes

“Our previous e-store had an outdated structure, was not intuitive, was not adapted to mobile devices. We needed change. We looked for a company able to create an online store fulfilling our needs“

Arkadiusz Kotula, eCommerce Manager
Case Study e-commerce Higma Service
  • The mechanism of settlements of contract customers with multiple outlets
  • Full integration of the ERP with the B2B system
  • Reporting and verification of sales plans in real time

“After the implementation of the application, automation covered a series of processes, from the stage of offering products, through placing orders to generating documents. The introduction of innovative solutions enables us to change the nature of the work, avoid mistakes and thus improve the quality of the services provided. After the implementation period, the time and effort needed to service and execute orders were reduced by 50%.”

Maciej Jaeschke, Chairman of the Management Board of Higma Service
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Our Customers

Our platform is trusted by leading retailers across different industries. Get to know them to learn how we can help you to strive in the digital world.


Read about news, trends, products and technologies that impact our organization and the world of global e-commerce.

Modus operandi of the creative team
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The role of teams dealing with the visual side of systems has evolved over recent years. Currently, they are focused on helping users understand where they are, what surrounds them and what to expect from taking a particular action. It is safe to say that these teams play the role of „architects of understanding.” The […]

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The summary of Q4 at i-systems
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End of the year – a busy time in almost every company. In those related to e-commerce, perhaps even more intense. How was it like in i-systems and how did we reconcile the work on systems for our clients with product development work? What are the main aspects of our work for next year? You […]

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The summary of Q3 2018 at i-systems
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The previous quarter at i-system was highlighted by the new organization of teams which were transformed into contexts. This directly influenced the change in our approach to the design and development of the e-commerce systems. Here is an overview of Q3, which is a collection of the most important news from the life of i-systems.

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Is mobile app a missing link in omnichannel sales?
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In 2018, the omnichannel strategy seems to be the standard. All major brands having a chain of offline stores have merged online and offline sales to some degree. But except for combining IT systems, can we combine customer experience as well? Strong yes! And this is the role the mobile application should play for an online store.

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The i-systems company invests in blockchain technology
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The i-systems company has invested PLN 1 million in the GamerHash app. The application is extremely easy to use and allows you to convert unused computing power into digital products for its users or payouts in Bitcoins. GamerHash is a platform for Windows systems that opens up new opportunities for users of home computers. – […]

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The summary of Q2 2018 at i-systems
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Upcoming holidays do not mean e-commerce actions will slow down. Actually, on the contrary, it is the best time to prepare and implement new solutions before the peak period for most e-commerce companies. Here is an overview of the last quarter in the daily life of i-systems. New projects The second quarter of the year […]

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The new SaaS definition
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Technology is an area where changes take place almost every day. Systems, especially those intended for online sales, both in the B2B and B2C model, are regularly enriched with new functionalities or changes in the specificity of those already existing.

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Foreign expansion of Vistula with i-systems
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Vistula brand begins to develop online sales on foreign markets. Together with i-systems, a new version of the brand's e-commerce system has been prepared. The Vistula online store is now available in English and Czech, thus favouring the development of cross-border sales.

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The summary of Q1 2018 at i-systems
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It appears that 2018 will be a year of big technological changes in e-commerce. The first quarter has already proven that. We invite you to read the summary of the first three months of the year.

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The i-systems company listed in FT1000 ranking
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On April 6th, 2018, in cooperation with the Financial Times and Statista, the ranking of 1000 fastest growing enterprises in Europe was published for the second time. The i-systems company that creates dedicated e-commerce software once again found its place in this classification.

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