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Case Study eCommerce: Hendi

Hendi Poland is a company which is part of the international Hendi Group, it has been specializing in the production and trade of professional catering equipment for 70 years. Hendi Group is one of the largest suppliers in the eastern market and a well-known producer in the domestic market.

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Challenges of eCommerce

Hendi has been operating on the Polish market for 10 years. At that time, the company was based on two separate systems: the image and the online store addressed primarily to wholesale customers. The dynamic development of e-commerce and the growing importance of online sales meant that the board of Hendi decided to start working with i-systems.

The market for e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace. We recognized that, without a professional and modern online store, we will not have a full offer. Projected analyses of shopping on the Internet could not be ignored by us. Besides that, getting to customers via an online store is becoming easier and cheaper than using other standard methods.

— Przemysław Koczorowski, Head of eCommerce at Hendi

During the analysis, the following challenges of eCommerce were identified:

  • unifying sales channels for retail and wholesale,
  • streamlining processes involving content management,
  • creating a modern layout based on responsive web design solutions,
  • preparation of infrastructure operating within the multi store.

Applied solutions

The old store was developed a few years ago and did not meet the current standards of usability. Customers repeatedly reported trouble getting us on the website, what is more, the store was developed in the old technology and the continued development of this software no longer made sense. We needed something completely different and modern.

— Przemysław Koczorowski, Head of eCommerce at Hendi

The main objective was to prepare a store which will have a modern design and be able to handle the greatest challenge - lots of content. Emphasis was placed on graphic design, that was intended to be light and transparent. Product sheet was designed so that it could include the greatest amount of information, i.e.: a description, opinions, a contact form, videos, attachments and pictograms facilitating proper classification.

A large number of categories and subcategories required improvement of product search. For this purpose, advanced filters were developed. Products are searched basing on such parameters as: product name, keywords, tags and product description. The administrator decides which of the filters will be used for product profile. At the same time, they have the possibility of indicating whether they want the filters to relate to individual products or entire categories or subcategories. All of these actions take place from the panel.

Product sheet view

Hendi is an online store with a wide range of products. Currently, it consists of nearly three thousand articles, but the number is still growing. During the implementation, work consisting of product management was speeded up. To this end, group editing parameters was introduced. With this feature, administrators have the possibility of assigning some products to a category, group product profile editing, group editing of prices, group editing promotions and group adding pictograms and group flagging products. Group editing parameters from the panel ruled out the need to edit products and thus speeded up the work on the modernization of the store.

We wanted a modern e-commerce platform that can grow and which is developed according to the principles of user experience. Already after the first month of its operation, we can say that we took a step in the right direction. Interest in the website is much greater, which translates into a number of inquiries and orders.

— Przemysław Koczorowski, Head of eCommerce at Hendi

Additional functionalities

The new Hendi store is available in three languages: Polish, English and Russian. Each of them has a dedicated content.

Through a newsletter or directly at ordering, customers can subscribe to a list of subscribers of the Hendi store. The list of customers, basing on previously entered assumptions is used for the creation of intelligent group of subscribers, for example, wholesale customers from Warsaw. This list is created once and new subscribers, if they meet the specified requirements, are enrolled to it automatically. This makes it easy to reach specific target groups with the offer.

In the new online store, abandoned carts module has been introduced (to remind logged customer about unfilled order) and an advanced system of vouchers. The discount vouchers' generator module operates from the panel and enables quick generating any number of codes. Vouchers are generated according to a variety of assumptions - for specific products/product groups, i.e. groups of smart groups developed for products. After creating vouchers, the generator gives the possibility of exporting ready discount codes to a CSV file.

The discount vouchers' generator module

The importance of responsive web design

All systems of i-systems are created on the basis of responsive web design solutions. As a result, stores are displayed correctly on any device. A responsive website means lower maintenance costs, faster changes, greater availability of the offer and a positive impact on the positioning of pages in Google. The new Hendi store was also based on the solution. The big challenge, due to the wide range and large number of sub-categories, was to prepare the store menu that would be properly displayed on every mobile device.

If one wants to have a successful eCommerce store, adapting it to mobile devices is already an obligation.

— Przemysław Koczorowski, Head of eCommerce at Hendi

The plan to create a new, responsive layout was based on the principle of mobile first. The start of work on the mobile version, and only later desktop, enabled achieving the highest level of functionality and usability. The applied solutions, in line with the mobile first assumptions, were to be first of all comfortable, simple and intuitive, with simultaneous attention to detail. Thanks to the applied solutions, the store is not only easier to maintain, but also easier to develop.

Future tasks

Work is currently underway to harmonize access channels to retail and wholesale customers of the Hendi store. The next stage of work is focused on fully-automated processing of orders between the ERP and the store. The scope of this integration will include:

  • creating and updating inventory levels with current prices,
  • creating and updating the list of contractors,
  • creating and updating orders,
  • conversion of orders into PA/FV.

Work is underway aiming at starting the next two online stores of the Hendi Group. All three stores will be managed from a single panel within the multistore and will be integrated with the ERP system, which will enable real control of all sales and shorten the time of processing orders and eliminate errors.

Opinion of the Head of eCommerce at Hendi

Knowledge and experience of i-systems have proven to be helpful in building the online store. The software that we received from i-systems is intuitive and easy to use and has many useful features. I believe that it is able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding owners of online stores.
Cooperation with i-systems always runs smoothly and is characterized by a high level of content. Experience and a high level of skills presented by the staff of i-systems enable me, with complete conviction, to recommend the company as a professional partner for a comprehensive implementation of eCommerce solutions.

— Przemysław Koczorowski, Head of eCommerce at Hendi

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