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E-commerce platform, dedicated cloud infrastructure and expert services - seamlessly integrated

Why do we deal with eCommerce?

The i-systems company was founded in 2002 by young programming enthusiasts who, not seeing a good enough e-commerce solution on the market, decided to create one. Thus, the idea of an eCommerce software company was born. From the beginning, our mission is to build a competitive advantage by providing the highest quality solutions.

We are a team of professionals who share their passion for new technologies, our work is rewarding.

We are constantly developing. Within two years, our team has grown by nearly 300%. We share our knowledge with partners, owners of e-businesses and, most importantly, with customers who need assistance in the field of eCommerce.

History and mission began with a desire of change.

The history of the company dates back to 2002. The CEO of i-systems has created a CMS that has reached over 1,000 deployments. In addition, not seeing a solution on the Polish market of e-commerce that was good enough, he decided to create one. That was the origin of the idea of a company producing e-commerce software. The main contribution to its activity is the knowledge and experience of its founders. The company developed gradually, and along with the successive implementation of orders, the capital and investment opportunities increased.

Company is the people

At the beginning, i-systems had only two employees. Currently, it is a team of more than hundred specialists in eCommerce web stores and B2B solutions that set the trends in the eCommerce industry.

Every day, we overcome new barriers of online shopping

We want to make shopping on the Internet something pleasant and natural. This is our mission. Therefore we produce and deliver eCommerce software for retail and distribution. We know that, at some point, in the development of eCommerce, standard solutions prove inadequate. That is why so great is the role attached to the production of original solutions and to creating functionalities that others have not even tried to start. With this approach, our customers are leaders in their industries and stand out from the competition with innovative and effective solutions.

We operate in cohesive teams

All works related to software development are performed in various departments. Currently, there are eleven of them. Some of them operate in Agile.

i-systems departments

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