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E-commerce platform, dedicated cloud infrastructure and expert services - seamlessly integrated

Competitive advantage for business built through technology

Wholesale trade is an area where technology brings the greatest benefits, not only by increasing sales but also saving resources by automating tendering, debt recovery and control distribution.

Meeting the challenges of wholesale (B2B)

Automation - this is the clearest direction for innovation in wholesale. It will save time, reduce costs and exercise real control.

  • Tendering - shortening the process of creating a personalized commercial offer in accordance with the guidelines of the tender by up to 80% of the time needed.
  • Distribution control - real-time insight into the whole product distribution network with particular focus on sales reporting, automatic verification of compliance with the commercial arrangements between the partners.
  • Debt recovery - constant control of all payments, including automatic implementation of recovery procedures.

Our solution:

We specialize in providing dedicated eCommerce solutions for wholesale trade. Cooperation with the biggest distributors and manufacturers from various industries has resulted in a series of innovative, original and, above all, effective mechanisms for the sales.

The effects of our solutions can be seen especially in such industries as:

  • Fashion - we are aiming at efficient sales management, taking into account the specific conditions for each product group.
    • supply planning and individual configuration of alarm statuses
    • automatic support for trade credits
    • selling products in packages
    • automatic issue of sales documents
    • mass edition of products in the system
  • FMCG - fast moving products, such as cosmetics, food or cleaning products are a huge group of products that needs to be efficiently managed.
    • planning calendar of meetings for traders
    • automatic verification of competitors' prices
    • dedicated platforms for contract customers
    • orders depending on the warehouse strategy
    • mobile CRM for traders
  • HoReCa - an organization focused on the development of accommodation and catering products and services provided in the world.
    • creating own rules of supply management
    • individual settlement of branches of network customers
    • advanced system of servicing
    • mobile sales module for field traders
    • providing services
  • Electronics - innovations in this industry seek to automate their processes, streamline product search and better presentation to customers.
    • individual prices and delivery conditions for contractors
    • advanced analytics of sales
    • automated handling returns and complaints
    • high possibility of matching products together
    • advanced search using all parameters

We deliver fully operational systems adapted to the specific expectations of sales, based on our own software. A comprehensive approach to our projects gives rise to true innovations. We get started where other companies are not able to help. Please contact us to learn more about our offer.

What will be the result of changes?

By using solutions tailored to specific industries and adopting a coherent strategy across all omni channels, positive changes will be recorded.

  • Streamlining of processes will increase the company performance and relieve employees of individual departments so that additional resources could be managed and used.
  • More user-friendly and comprehensive retail experience will become a competitive advantage which will increase the loyalty of customers.
  • Automation of bidding will enable active and more effective acquisition of new orders.
  • Improving logistics will shorten implementation times and improve performance.
  • The system control will enable identification of errors, providing the possibility of quick removal of them.
  • Conclusions from the analysis phase will equip us with the knowledge on development plan for further work on the system.
  • Higher growth rate of the company will not be hampered, due to scalable architecture.
  • Access to knowledge and experts of i-systems will enable avoiding mistakes and misguided investments in unnecessary functionalities.

Our definition of B2B

We reflect and optimize real business processes for:

  • the effectiveness of sales and marketing (planning work, mobile vendors, offers, call centres)
  • shortening the time of customer service (ERP integration, logistics, supply planning, eDOK)
  • control of network distribution (sales analyses, monitoring competition, automation of debt recovery, trade credit).

Are you interested?

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