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Case Study eCommerce: Dalia

Dalia is an undergarment industry company that specializes in selling exclusive lingerie. It uses the highest quality materials for production. Bra embroidery is imported from Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France. Dalia has an extremely wide range of patterns, models and sizes.

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The company has been operating on the Polish market for over 20 years and since its inception has been trying to be synonymous with beauty, elegance and comfort. Dalia is also a chain of stationary stores. Some of them are showrooms, the rest operate on a franchise basis. Dalia brand products can be found in more than 80 partner stationary stores throughout the country.

The need to change stores was due to three main factors. The first are old interface solutions and servicing orders in the previous store. The second thing is the inability to use the store on increasingly popular mobile devices. The third thing is no automatic upgrade of the online store inventory with our ERP system.

— Tomasz Włodarczyk, Vice President of Dalia

Prior to the start of development, the brand was based on two separate aspects: the image and the online store. After the implementation, within a single brand, there are two stores - with the option of retail and wholesale sales.

The benefits of responsive web design

It is natural that customers want to have unlimited access to the offer of their favourite store. To meet these expectations, the Dalia store was prepared according to the solution of responsive web designs which enable proper display of the site, regardless of the device type. A responsive site does not only enable reaching more potential customers but also reduces the site maintenance costs. It is much more intuitive, which makes it easier to make changes and improves positioning on the site.

Innovative product sheet

The new site is not only a modern, more transparent layout but also a modern product data sheet, probably the first of its kind in Poland. Within it, in the category of swimwear, there was a possibility introduced to create a variety of sets. Customers can decide what size and type of figs they want to match to a previously selected bra. In the case of the wholesale store, the data sheet enables selecting multiple sizes at the same time. The new store also has a product gallery in the form of a lookbook which enables attractive presentation of the available goods.

Product sheet view

Pre-orders meaning pre-release orders

During the implementation, an opportunity to pre-order was introduced. With this solution, customers can order products whose release is only planned. The release date is given on the product and the "pre-order" mark disappears when the goods are introduced to regular sales. The status also changes automatically in the administration panel.

Automatic updating of inventory

Efficient execution of orders in our online store is one of the key factors that affect the level of customer service in every business. During the works, integration was carried out with our warehouse and accountant Hermes SQL system. Quick access to information brings concrete benefits:

  • quick handling orders,
  • providing double protection of data that is copied from the ERP system and stored on servers,
  • real control of all sales in a single system,
  • eliminated occurrence of errors.

An integrator ensures proper maintenance of the current database, it is "triggered" automatically or upon request of the user, allowing instant access to current information.

Automatic and regular updating of the inventory in the online store was the key for us. The lack of this kind of a solution caused additional costs and frequent frustrations of our customers and we want to make them always satisfied with our services.

— Tomasz Włodarczyk, Vice President of Dalia

The speed of delivery is of importance

The new store has a manager module for shipments, it greatly accelerates and facilitates the execution of orders. It is a module enabling transfer of data to the courier company without having to log on to the panel. The store administrator does not need to waste time on tedious addressing or copying data, and labels can printed automatically after sending letters to the courier.

Location module

The new store also provides the possibility of locating a stationary store which offers the brand products. Searching for showrooms is done using two options: entering the place of residence or the city in which we want to find a showroom. All the stores with Dalia brand products are marked in the "Find a showroom" tab on an interactive map.

Location module

Dalia is a company that strives to dynamically respond to the changing eCommerce market conditions. To meet the demands posed, a system was created that enables efficient and fast customer service, provides broad access to the offer and also provides an ample opportunity to personalize shopping.

Opinion of the Vice President of Dalia

The experience gained during the implementation of similar projects, a team of competent employees, a wide range of possible solutions and modules, knowledge of integration with the ERP Hermes SQL system, visually attractive projects of the implemented stores were factors that determined the fact that i-systems were the contractor of the project. With our full responsibility, we can recommend i-systems as a contractor of modern, functional, responsive and aesthetic web stores which use the best available solutions in this respect.

— Tomasz Włodarczyk, Vice President of Dalia

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