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Business Analysis

Business analysis means collecting and interpreting data about the company's strategy, the structure of activities, the flow of information and its resources. It is a cross-sectional research that helps fully understand the specifics of the company and learn about its real needs. The business analysis process itself is a fundamental stage in the implementation of a dedicated e-commerce system. The obtained results determine the quality of the designed system and affect the work on its implementation into the online environment. In the long-term perspective, the results of business analysis also determine the success of the designed sales system that will help to develop B2B, B2C or omnichannel activities and will strengthen the position of the brand on the market.

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A unique company research

The business analysis process covers key areas of the company's operations, however, it is particularly important in relation to the company's main activity - production, trade or distribution. Getting to know all the features of the company allows successful implementation of the e-commerce system tailored to the business, industry and business conditions.

  • Values, mission, short and long-term goals of the enterprise
  • Internal and external environment
  • The way of functioning within the organizational structure
  • The main participants in the system (employees, customers, suppliers, technicians)
  • Objects operating as part of current processes
  • All current IT systems

How do we work during business analysis?

Conducting a proper business analysis is based on effective communication of the analytical team with the customer. The analytical work is carried out in a cross-sectional and systematic way, exploring subsequent areas of the enterprise. The effects and preliminary results of the analysis are visible after each stage of work.

  • Interviews with the customer, based on special meeting agendas (interviews during personal meetings, online, as well as visits to the client's premises)
  • The work of business analysts, studying in detail the key areas of the enterprise, based on the results of interviews, the analysis of the organization and the diagnosis of the current system
  • Involvement of the employees responsible for the implementation of the e-commerce system (Project Managers, Graphic Designers, UX Designers, Developers)
  • Proposing a precise list and description of solutions in the field of company’s business architecture
  • The use of SIPOC diagrams to identify all processes’ elements and actors
  • Creating a detailed assessment of the usefulness of the designed e-commerce system solutions
  • Work based on the analysis workbook, presenting in detail the business analysis process and setting the priorities for the implementation of the e-commerce system
  • Designation of the project’s scope: the configuration method, the functions used, the scope of integration with other systems, the method of data exchange in the system and the type of integration
  • Setting a project schedule, estimating working time, budget and criteria for system acceptance
  • Development of the final document that is market-comprehensible and based on ISO standards

Business analysis - the first stage of dedicated e-commerce system

The activities of each company are diverse and require an individual project approach. It has different business goals, it has different internal arrangements, it has more or less formalized and described processes. At i-systems we are also aware that each company works in various areas that are a key to commercial and distribution activity. These areas are, for instance, offers, orders, sales, deliveries, warehouse management or even accounting and financial areas. Each of these diverse areas consists of numerous processes, such as placing orders, logging in, registering an inquiry, submitting a complaint, issuing sales documents. The business analysis allows systematizing a group of these processes that will support B2B solutions and ensure efficient operation of online stores and at the same time constitute the first stage of work on creating a dedicated e-commerce system.

The analysis thoroughly checks all processes occurring in the enterprise from the perspective of three levels:

  • front-end, from the target customer's side
  • back-end, from the panel administrator’s side
  • integration with external systems (eg warehouse and accounting systems)

The advantages of business analysis

The comprehensive business analysis allows designing dedicated B2B solutions and online sales systems, implementing solutions that fully cover business objectives of the company.

  • Identification of key business processes in the company
  • Identification of the real needs and requirements of the business
  • Determination of legal requirements related to the processes
  • Presentation of the scope of work on the e-commerce system project
  • Setting the initial schedule, budget and resources
  • Defining the actors, objects and key enterprise processes by mapping the system
  • Insight into analytical work at every stage of the study
  • Receiving a detailed final document, compliant with ISO standards

A well-structured and professionally executed business analysis process enables to acquire knowledge on detailed requirements regarding the functioning and capabilities of the e-commerce system already at the design stage - both the requirements the customer is aware of and those not related to the main purpose of the e-commerce system, but at the same time having a significant impact on its correct and safe operation. The business analysis carried out by i-systems analysts is not only a standard audit of the current sales system and the customer’s business. Its goal, first of all, is to get to know the idea of the company and the solutions it needs, to successfully implement the e-commerce system.

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