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E-commerce platform, dedicated cloud infrastructure and expert services - seamlessly integrated

Case Study eCommerce: 5.10.15.

5.10.15 brand is one of the largest retail chains in Poland. At present it owns over 230 brick-and-mortar stores selling clothes and accessories for kids. Cooperation with i-systems enabled to create a new e-shop, optimise selling processes and develop new solutions.

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eCommerce challenges

All works related to the new eCommerce system for 5.10.15 brand started from the analysis of the company's business and IT. It helped to define the most important tasks. They included e.g.:

  • Creation of a new layout in line with the assumptions of Responsive Web Design
  • Preparation of integration with the logistic operator on SAP platform
  • Integration with the warehousing and accounting software
  • Creation of cloud server infrastructure, able to handle heavy traffic online, reaching over one million visits a month
  • Migration of vendors' details, product information and SEO to i-systems software
  • Creation of the advanced reporting module for sales and analytics
  • Integration of sale channels within omnichannel retailing idea
  • New brand design

Changing the software, the store needed a refreshed layout. Based on the "Brand Essence" (a collection of good practices concerning visual identification of the customer), a new website design was prepared.

5.10.15's lookbook

The new visual identification is characterised with the main brand values i.e. optimism reflected in not taking the reality too seriously, democratic approach, i.e. affordability for all customers, innovativeness of each collection and creativity in looking for kids' fashion trends. All the works have been based on Responsive Web Design from the very beginning.

Integration with the logistic operator on SAP platform

The works included also preparation of a dedicated integration with the logistic operator. The logistic operator is a third-party company specialising in shipment warehousing and dispatch. It has own ERP software which the integrator sends new order data to. The orders are verified again and then picked and dispatched. Order status is sent to the sale software.

The software provided by i-systems ensures communication between the brand's and logistic operator's ERP software. After the order has been placed, the system verifies its correctness and sends details to the logistic operator. The feedback on the order performed is sent to ERP software via i-systems.

The integrator exchanges data between the systems bidirectionally, verifying the ERP system (i.e. belonging to the brand or to the logistic operator) the data is to go to. The communication is triggered by the employee or at specific intervals. All synchronisations are recorded in the event log.

ERP system connection

The new eCommerce system of 5.10.15 enables to communicate with ERP system based on periodic exchange of information. The integration is responsible for product management, sale reporting or promotion management. Its detailed functionalities include also e.g. communication with ERP system, updates of products and their prices or periodic sending of information on orders performed and commercial documents issued for them to ERP system. The integration transmits data between the warehousing and accounting software and the logistic operator.

Trans-border sales

The e-store handles also orders from abroad - the orders are shipped to 19 countries. Each country has its own sale characteristics. The new eCommerce system is ready also for that.

Cloud hosting strength

The eCommerce system for 5.10.15 brand handles many dozens thousands visits a day. A dedicated structure of cloud servers was created for it. Cloud stands for virtual server services on separate virtual servers. Virtualising enables to match resources to needs and if the needs grow suddenly, new resources can be added easily without the need to carry out any hardware upgrades and reconstruct the entire infrastructure.

The server types used in 5.10.15 include e.g. workers being the basic service. Currently, the store uses six such devices. It has www (nginx) and php (php-fpm) servers installed. This service is responsible for generating websites for target customers and the administrative panel.

The other virtual machines host such services as the database (mysql), its backup for security reasons, load balancers (haproxy), responsible for uniform traffic distribution among several workers, stats file cache server (varnish) between the end user and the worker to ensure faster contents uploading, mail server (exim) responsible for message sending, cache server for the application (redis) responsible for faster website generation by the workers or the full-text search server (solr).

The average server response time within 24 hours.

Analytics in eCommerce - dedicated sales reports

At present, the analytics plays an important role in eCommerce. The information on sales is grounds for strategic decisions of the companies. This is why the 5.10.15 system has an extended business analytics function.

The sale reporting module enables to carry out detailed analysis on the volume or value of sales for all or only completed orders in a specific time frame (24 hours, week, month or any period). Analysis can also be carried out based on gross and net values, order values, feedback on the performed and rejected orders, sale value in a given period broken by the country of destination and in the selected period only, number of best-selling products in terms of their quantity and value in the selected timeframe and a number of other methods, including price, value, quantity, performance method, status or country.

Entering the omnichannel era

5.10.15 brand is one of the largest retail chains in Poland. It has over 230 brick-and-mortar outlets. Retail chains, using the new shopping habits of customers, can obtain measurable benefits. The most conspicuous of current trends is the intertwining of e-shopping with shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.

At the first stage of the project, the loyalty programme was made uniform. Currently, it is identical in the e-shop and brick-and-mortar outlets. Also a promotion management module was created to ensure coherent pricing policy in all sales channels.

The next steps related to combining online and brick-and-mortar sales are planned at subsequent steps of cooperation between 5.10.15 and i-systems. This shall include e.g. the ability to collect and return products bought online in brick-and-mortar stores.

One of 5.10.15 outlets

+ much more

The modules and functionalities described above are but a fraction of the new eCommerce system for 5.10.15. The other, developed solutions include: system of calculating sales (affiliates) or the new purchase basket logics, increasing sales volumes.

Selected implementation details

  • Over 500 tasks completed before the new system was started
  • Over 900 changes in the main system branch
  • Store availability reaching 99.999%

Customer's opinion

The platform created by i-systems based on the cutting-edge eCommerce standards is a prelude to continued cooperation and a beginning of a comprehensive performance of the omnichannel strategy we have been developing at present.

— Sebastian Moleda, Operating Director of Komex

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