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The product as the basis for action

Bearing in mind the constant, dynamic development of e-commerce industry and the growing demands of customers and their consumers, we are constantly improving our services. As the authors and users of proprietary solutions, we pay particular attention to the architecture and software quality. Therefore, we operate on the basis of certain standards, developed on the bases of the many years of experience that we have.

Communication as the key to success

The priority in our operations is effective communication with the client. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the involvement of future users in the process of creating their eCommerce system. Customers are welcome to appoint a person responsible for the project, for the person to set out the scope of work and create a conceptual form of the project together with the Project Manager - a specialist in the field of project management in i-systems. We thoroughly analyse the current activities and needs of the company to deliver a product that meets the most demanding expectations. We specifically prepare each new project, creating a schedule of works and appointing people involved in the software development process.

Stages of cooperation

Basing on an interview and defining detailed analysis of customer needs and expectations with respect to the new system and its selected features.
Identifying needs and expectations of the customer
We create User Stories on the basis of information received from the customer. It is a detailed description of requirements for a specific functionality - a kind of a "scenario" of use. Focusing on the usability of the functions from the perspective of the end user, many errors are immediately eliminated.
Creating User Stories
We use the so-called agile methodologies - involving frequent progress checks, due to which we are always ready and open to implement changes. Software is developed in an incremental manner, ensuring customer direct impact on the final shape thanks to regular verification of system versions during all phases of development. The main advantage of the agile methodologies is the possibility of creating high quality software in a relatively short period of time.
We attach great importance to code quality. For the end product to be of the highest quality, we use code inspection between developers. This technique eliminates 99% of the errors occurring during the early stage of development. This allows us to save time and reduce costs.
Code control
After positive control between the developers, the first version of the system is handed over to a team of testers who will do everything to verify the software as much as possible. The system is verified with respect to the initial requirements, enabling quick and efficient detection of any technical restrictions.
Proper software testing
The team of testers communicate errors identified to the developers in a document. The tasks of the developers include verification and repairing them, and then again the testers can verify the changes. This process is repeated to the point where the system operates stably.
Improving the system
After a positive outcome of the tests, the software is verified for compliance with the specification and User Stories. The software is checked for compliance with the customer's expectations. When the functionalities are accepted, the project has the status of the so-called definition of done given, that is a guarantee of proper operation.
Business Accept
After the approval of the entire project, we proceed to its implementation. The final version of the software, compatible with all specifications, is put into use. The customer can take full advantage of the new system.
Implementation of the product
Continuous optimization and modernization of the implemented system.


Projects requiring the creation of the most advanced functionality arise in teams using the so-called agile methodologies. In the process of software development, we manage and execute tasks using the SCRUM methodology. The methodology is particularly well-suited for working on projects characterized by volatility, with relatively limited time of implementation. With this system of work, we are able to respond to changes in the project quickly and without risk.

The SCRUM methodology clearly defines the roles of each person involved in the project - the product owner is responsible for setting objectives and priorities and the receipt of the final product, the SCRUM Master watches over the course of the software development process and performing the assigned tasks and the responsibility for implementation rests with our experienced developer team. This provides a guarantee of greater efficiency and productivity of the team and ensures a higher quality of the work performed.

The entire course of work on a solution can be included in four stages. While planning, issues are presented, a list of tasks is established to be executed during a specified time period (the so-called sprint) and the degree of difficulty, time-consuming and resources needed to implement the project are determined (the so-called task estimation). The next step are daily team meetings, during which a brief analysis of the progress of work takes place. The third point of the whole process is a review of the sprint - a meeting held at the end of a predetermined time period results in the commissioning of the work performed. The last phase is to analyse the sprint, discuss failures and weaknesses of the project. Such a system guarantees cost reduction and shortened duration of the project implementation.

The team is the key

Currently, i-systems is a team of more than hundred eCommerce industry professionals. We provide cross-cutting implementation of projects. From the meeting and the IT analysis of customers' systems, through proposing solutions adapted to the company's development strategy and the target branch to the production of the given functionality. We design, implement and test the systems. After start-up of an eCommerce system, we continue to develop its capabilities and offer new solutions. The most important thing is that work on each project is done in stable and experienced teams.

Why is it worth?

We continue to evolve - the whole company is working on the development of our system which is continually updated to provide the best possible solutions to our customers. We care about high quality of the code, obtained after many internal tests, eliminating errors.

We are innovative - we follow new trends, share knowledge and experience. We undertake ambitious challenges that we consider to be our possibility of development.

We are flexible - we know that every company is different. Therefore, clear communication is an important point of cooperation. Knowing the needs and expectations, we are able to create a system that meets the most demanding requirements.

We have experience - we have executed over 300 implementations, so we can efficiently detect and fix emerging threats of the project and generate balanced and rational calculations.

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