We create dedicated e-commerce software for retail and distribution

Continued support for business development

We are aware that standard eCommerce solutions are not enough, hence, from the very beginning, all our implementations are based on propriety software. This approach gives the possibility to create innovative solutions, and thus a chance of sustainable development of the system.

Service warranty

Cooperation with support begins with a consultation, after which an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is prepared. It determines the conditions of service provision in an individual manner.

Dedicated support system

Support carries a number of benefits that enable production planning, taking into account the actual needs of the customer. As part of the service, we guarantee:

  • Access to a customer panel and a knowledge base,
  • Service monitoring,
  • Guaranteed response time in the case of critical applications for stores operating on the servers of i-systems (2h within working hours, 4h outside working hours),
  • A fixed number of hours of programming with attractive value for money,
  • A static price for programming hours after the package has been used,
  • The possibility of planning changes in the system,
  • A developer version of the site that enables to preview and test new functionalities (prepared for the introduction of larger modules).

This model of cooperation is characterized by a significant reduction in production costs, increased efficiency and shortened development time of new functionalities.

Dedicated consultant

Every customer has a consultant appointed within support to manage the project and stay in touch. This enables fast and efficient communication and influences the pace of work.

Proprietary communication system

All activities related to the development of eCommerce systems of customers and circulation of information between customers and support are done through a proprietary communication system - the customer panel. It is a convenient tool for direct communication that can be used on both PCs and mobile devices. The panel is not only an efficient channel of communication. Each customer is granted access, has full insight into their service requests, pricing and hours worked and our knowledge base - a place where they can find information, inter alia, on additional services and modules.

The panel - how it works

The customer panel is very intuitive. To post a notification it is enough for the customer to log on to the panel, chose the notification concerning them from the available types of notifications, briefly describe the case and add to their orders. Then the notification is taken up by the customer consultant and classified. Depending on the nature of the order, it is transferred to the service (in the case of errors) or to valuation (in the case of new modules, functionalities). Orders of work are valued by developers and the customer consultant.

The contact panel gives customers full insight into the progress of work on their system. Access might be granted even for a few people from the company. Each of them has their individually assigned account, with their first name and surname. In the panel, the customer has a choice of three types of applications:

  • Orders - for adding new modules, functionalities and service requests.
  • Technical support - a notification through which the customer can find out about the existing solutions and ask for help in choosing the available functionalities which will be useful in their store.
  • Errors - for reporting errors in the system. Guaranteed response time to error notifications is determined by agreements.

24/7 security

To ensure the proper functioning of eCommerce systems of customers, we provide guaranteed response time for stores operating on the servers of i-systems. For this purpose, the system is subject to developer on-call time. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including days off work and holidays. In a situation where, outside working hours, an immediate error status is displayed in the panel, the system automatically sends an SMS notification to the person on duty who deals with the failure until it is removed.

Clearing and reporting progress model

Our work on the development of eCommerce systems is done according to the Time&Material model, where clearing takes place on the basis of factual hours worked. Everything is done on the basis of detailed arrangements and is confirmed by a report of the work performed.

This way of clearing allows precise management of the time and costs of eCommerce system development.

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