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E-commerce platform, dedicated cloud infrastructure and expert services - seamlessly integrated

Analysis - why is it worth to start with it?

Robust and reliable analysis of business is the most important stage of constructing sales solutions. Proper analysis enables better understanding of customer needs and project implementation within the given time frame and budget. What does it look like in i-systems?

Let's talk and get to know each other

Discussion is the most important step for us. It all begins there. Our experience shows that it is not easy to trust another company at the very beginning of cooperation. We understand that. That is why we start with discussing, we present our offer and the existing solutions, dispelling doubts, answering questions; we suggest noteworthy solutions, we share our knowledge.

What makes us different from others?

Our work is guided by a simple maxim: If you can not clarify something in a simple manner, it means that you do not really understand it. We know our product from scratch and therefore we are able to present it in an understandable manner, providing all necessary answers.

Introduce your company philosophy, sales model.

Proper identification of business needs and clarifying what tools it needs are the most important stages of our analysis. It enables to fully understand the client's needs and avoid a situation in which an improperly defined scope of work results in a system that does not meet expectations. At this stage, we mainly ask about the main issues, trends, company philosophy, sales model, about the product. We try to learn as much as possible to offer the best match for the existing supply and demand. Some customers come to us with a ready brief and a specification, but it is not necessary. We believe that asking questions and discussing them jointly can result in the best solutions.

Show us your system and we'll tell you how to improve it.

Even the largest eCommerce system consists of a number of smaller components. To know the system and improve it, we provide a comprehensive analysis of all factors and connections between them. We divide it into the smallest components in order to know the weakest links. After identifying and analysing them, we propose concrete solutions aimed at improving the overall system and ensure increased business efficiency of the company. Conducting advanced and comprehensive analyses of eCommerce systems, we pay attention to:

  • The existing IT infrastructure, what is the system to be integrated with,
  • The ERP process within which we verify the circulation of information at different levels of the production and sales in the bloodstream of the organization and what mechanisms support the planning of Business Intelligence,
  • The process of handling orders, where we check all processes, from accepting orders, through verification of the inventory, preparation of documents and automatic transfer of orders for packaging,
  • The packaging process and shipment, from searching orders, through verification of products with the order by scanning barcodes, generating bills of lading, to printing labels,
  • The entire purchasing process from both the target customer and sales managers. We analyse the sequence of actions and any response actions to be taken,
  • The level of understanding and the system acceptance analysis by target customers. Each system must be adapted to them. For this purpose, we study user experience and design layout for each project,
  • Upon completion of the analysis, we create a detailed specification which includes a description of processes, defines the basic functions of the system and the method of their application. The result of the analysis is also a detailed schedule taking into account the availability of human resources.

We start where others say “it's impossible”

We have been operating in the industry since 2004. We share our knowledge, experience, advice, show specific solutions that are already implemented. We are not afraid of new challenges, we like to be surprised, we are ready for tough questions and interesting cases.

Check us out, it's that simple

The biggest change begins with a small step. Come to our office or check where we will be in the near future and tell us your vision of eCommerce.

Are you interested?

Would you like to learn more about features, costs or development process?

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