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E-commerce platform, dedicated cloud infrastructure and expert services - seamlessly integrated

Case Study eCommerce: R-GOL

The store is the largest professional football store in Poland. The company has over ten years of existence and has become one of the largest distributors of football equipment. R-GOL also works offline. In addition to the online store, it is also, among others: A football showroom in Ostróda, a stationary store in Olsztyn and a Football Centre in Gdansk. The enterprise also produces football equipment under its own brand - RG.

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Challenges of eCommerce

  • Preparing a server infrastructure capable of handling heavy traffic, also condensed in a short time.
  • Creation of sales processes effectively combining B2C and B2B activities within the multi store.
  • Preparation of advanced warehouse and accounting integration with the Streamsoft Verto system and adapting it to the company's strategy.

Combining B2C and B2B sales solutions

Part of the work involved standardizing the flow of information between all business locations within the warehouse and accounting system. R-GOL has several warehouses and the wholesale store uses the stock of only one of them. Currently, all sales are handled from a single location - a specially developed e-commerce system.

Work connected with the ERP system also focused on automating the process of document workflow. The fully automatic solutions include, among others, development of booking documents or a booking document transformation into an invoice or a receipt after the completion of the order at the store.

In addition, for logistical and statistical purposes, an integrator, after placing an order, checks whether a customer with the same code or NIP or e-mail address already exists in the system. If so, the order is attributed to the existing customer and if it does not exist - a new file is created for the customer.

Many stores in one place

The eCommerce system prepared for R-GOL currently supports three entities. These are:

  • An online store for retail customers:
  • A wholesale store for B2B customers:, in which business partners, after registration, can verify conditions, applicable rates and order goods.
  • The store dedicated for professional football players in the first league and second league.

Modern methods of promotion

R-GOL, as one of the few distributors in Poland, is able to provide customers with additional personalization products through the execution of embroidery on shoes. Embroidery is possible due to the close cooperation with Nike. The embroidery module enables adding your own shoe string in the selected colour.

View of embroidery module

The work included developing tools to support sales. They included, among others:

  • Automatically generated IDs for banners that are ready to be placed in partner channels of communication within the affiliate program.
  • A discount for Facebook likes after the release of the store. The discount is automatically added to the orders without giving any code. The solution makes it possible for the store administrator to determine the amount and validity period of it.
  • An extensive RG TEAM loyalty program. This solution includes an option of setting various calculator points in each store, depending on the type of transaction: B2C or B2B.

The importance of mobile commerce

Due to the nature of the store, large portion of the target customers browse the offer on mobile devices. The entire eCommerce system was developed according to the best practice of responsive web design. The most important work included:

  • Facilitating the purchasing process and providing intuitive operation.
  • Increasing the usefulness of product data sheets, through optimal placement of content.

The results of the implementation and development plans

After replacing the eCommerce system with the i-systems software, R-GOL has gained full control over the B2C and B2B sales. In addition, all processes of the ERP program have been automated. The plans are to develop more solutions to improve sales in the Internet.

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