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The scope of the offered solutions: online B2C stores, B2B platforms, frontend development, integrations with ERP systems, handling heavy traffic, integration of sales channels.

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Case Studies

  • FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping

    Integration of the shopping centre with e-commerce is a pioneering and innovative project. Therefore, we decided to cooperate with a company that will provide us with dedicated solutions and full, flexible support in platform development. Team i-systems is able to clearly identify business needs and ensure their effective implementation

    Piotr Kreft, Head of e-commerce at FASHION HOUSE Group
  • Pitbull

    Integration of the system with the Subiekt GT ERP, as well as implementation of the module responsible for a smooth cooperation between several warehouses, has automated processes, connected with execution of orders placed by our customers, in a considerable way.

    Michał Kautz, the owner of Pitbull Promotion
  • Herbamedicus

    We chose i-systems to create our eCommerce system, because thanks to their solutions we can dynamically expand activities in B2B model. We want to be visible on the Internet, as it gives us sense of development and limitless possibilities.

    Adam Jakobiuk, CEO at Herbamedicus
  • 5.10.15.

    The platform created by i-systems based on the cutting-edge eCommerce standards is a prelude to continued cooperation and a beginning of a comprehensive performance of the omnichannel strategy we have been developing at present.

    Sebastian Moleda, Operating Director of Komex
  • Sklep-Luz

    It was a very good decision to open next online stores with the brand name in domain. This projects payed for themselves a numerous times, as they tend to have much better conversion. And furthermore, such stores are positioning themselves in an excellent way.

    Marek Ostrowski, eCommerce Manager at sklep-luz.pl
  • The cooperation with i-systems allowed us to adjust the online shop to eCommerce trends. Run Colors is now ready to take up new challenges.

    Mateusz Pacocha, the owner of Run Colors
  • The eCommerce system prepared for Diamante Wear is an example of a shop adjusted to selling abroad, with special consideration for the British market.

  • We can unhesitatingly recommend i-systems to everyone who wants his or her store to operate efficiently. We are also glad that out customers who use mobile phones to do online shopping have no problems with using our store thanks to the responsive web design.

    Łukasz Majgier, The Best Sneakers
  • We appreciate technological and business consultancy. One of our expectations was to work with specialists who are not afraid to say that our vision has deficiencies and at the same time are able to suggest more beneficial solution instead of the old one.

    Kamil Kordelas, E-commerce Manager in BIG STAR
  • We evaluated the software through the prism of our experience and specific needs. The i-systems team has similar opinions to our about the performance and functionality of an online store. We appreciated their organizational culture, competence and commitment.

    Piotr Czmoch, 8a.pl
  • Our previous e-store had an outdated structure, was not intuitive, was not adapted to mobile devices. We needed change. We looked for a company able to create an online store fulfilling our needs

    Arkadiusz Kotula, eCommerce Manager newbalance.pl
  • “With our full responsibility, we can recommend i-systems as a contractor of modern, functional, responsive and aesthetic web stores which use the best available solutions in this respect.”

    Tomasz Włodarczyk, Vice President of Dalia
  • The eCommerce system prepared for R-GOL successfully combines B2C and B2B sales processes and supports several stores in one place. In addition, an advanced integration with their warehouse and accounting Comarch Optima system was developed.

  • “After the implementation of the application, automation covered a series of processes, from the stage of offering products, through placing orders to generating documents. The introduction of innovative solutions enables us to change the nature of the work, avoid mistakes and thus improve the quality of the services provided. After the implementation period, the time and effort needed to service and execute orders were reduced by 50%.”

    Maciej Jaeschke, Chairman of the Management Board of Higma Service
  • “The Monnari eCommerce system was designed taking into account development of their offer towards OmniChannel Retailing.”

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We create dedicated software for eCommerce, we combine the world of online and offline sales. For several years, we have developed a number of innovative solutions. Advanced integration is our business.
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