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Case Study eCommerce: NICI

The official online store of the German brand NICI on the Polish territory offers gifts, plush toys and accessories. The case study describes one of the first in Poland implementations according to responsive web design.

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Challenges of eCommerce

  • Preparation, based on the analysis of customer behaviour and UX research, of a new navigation in the store and increasing the readability of the home page.
  • Refreshing the design and preparation of a new layout according to responsive web design. The purpose of these actions was full compatibility with mobile devices of various resolutions.
  • Maximizing comfort of visiting the online store using mobile devices.

User experience research and tests

All the works were supported by quantitative research and user experience research. The research enabled diagnosing the main areas of interest of target customers of the online store. The categories of products have been placed in more visible places, in order to increase sales. On the basis of the research new categories on the home page were also created, they currently enjoy great popularity.

The main areas of interest of target customers of the online store

The best standards of responsive web design

The most important work was related to the preparation of the store to be implemented according to responsive web design. They were divided into three areas. The first concerned a new layout. It took into account new requirements of user using mobile devices. As a result, the store became more transparent. It raised its functionality for target users.

After analysing traffic at the store, new pagination of products was also used. The results showed that customers visited the most of 3 pages of products. Instead of the standard pagination of products: 1, 2, 3, 4 ... a new one was introduced - "Load next X products". The applied pagination was further highlighted by a clear button that works well on mobile devices and is easily clickable on them.

The third area of change concerned the new purchasing process and the appearance of the wishlist. Both elements were simplified and adapted to mobile devices.

Shopping cart for mobile devices

The key benefits after using responsive web design in the NICI store include:

  • Automatically adjustment of the appearance of the store to all mobile devices, and thus: consistency of their image.
  • Having only one version of the site. This means lower maintenance costs and faster changes.
  • Positive effect on positioning. Google's algorithms prefer to hand responsive web design.
  • Increasing the accessibility of the store's offer: a more impressive and effective exposure of products and increased chances of "spontaneous" shopping.

Customized promotional methods

In order to increase sales and build greater customer loyalty in the NICI store a loyalty program module was developed. The module encourages customers to purchase in exchange for points. The collected points can be exchanged for prizes.

The main advantage of the solution is intuitive use by the administrator of the store and transparent rules for the customer. The store administrator may itself determine how many points the customer receives for each PLN spent in the store and what prizes they can buy for the collected points. The panel is also equipped with a command system that enables adding points for those who successfully recommend the store to other customers.

Results of implementation

After the implementation of the new online store for the NICI brand, a comparative survey was conducted. The online survey included five thousand users visiting the store. The key findings include:

  • Mobile data traffic grew by 100%
  • Bounce rate decreased by 25%
  • The conversion in the store has risen by 26%


With full responsibility, I can recommend the i-systems as a trusted and well promising partner for long-term cooperation in the field of individual and comprehensive eCommerce services. I am convinced that they can guarantee customers high quality projects and enables their success.

— Małgorzata Wypychacz, nicisklep.pl

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