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Case Study – Monnari Trade S.A.

Monnari is one of the most well-known Polish clothing brands associated with top quality and unique style. The company is listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. Monnari stationary store chain has 118 showrooms located throughout the country.

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Challenges of eCommerce

Monnari has been selling online for several years. During this time, the PrestaShop engine used by them underwent numerous modifications and a large part of them were developed specially for the purposes of the store. Along with its rapid development, the store needed a new software, ready to changes. The main challenges of eCommerce, chosen through a thorough analysis of IT, included:

  • Preparing server infrastructure ready to handle large traffic on the website, effectively generated by the Monnari marketing department.
  • The combination of integration with the Allegro Brand Zone with the new eCommerce software.
  • Preparing and implementing a new strategy of eCommerce cooperation with the ERP system.


The UX research results showing that customers were very attached to the layout of the website and the assumed evolution of the strategy resulted in dividing the work related to the new store into several smaller stages. Among them, there was the work associated with the transfer of the project to the i-systems software, creating a new layout of a website according to responsive web design and works related to performance of servers.

Applied solutions

Monnari successfully used the method of promoting their online store - both online and offline. This meant large traffic condensed in a short time. On the basis of traffic data and simulation, a dedicated cloud hosting infrastructure was developed and optimized. Monnari is currently using 11 virtual servers, including such services as: load balancer, proxy cache server, Redis server, application servers, a database server, a database server replication or a mail server. All services were placed on separate server clusters and thus will never block each other. The server is also fully scalable and ready for further development but without the need to rebuild the infrastructure from scratch.

Another scope of works included standardizing the flow of information from different databases. Dedicated integration with the Allegro Brand Zone, with its emphasis on the process automation and integration with the ERP system, enabled efficient handling of all orders in a new manner. This service is carried out from the level of a specially prepared management panel. The panel and all the tools supporting the company's marketing campaigns are designed in such a way that they can be fully supported by a team of marketing Monnari business.

Building competitive advantage through technology

Part of the integration of the Comarch ERP XL system with the Monnari eCommerce included applying the principle of supremacy of the ERP system. This strategy enabled the preparation and implementation of solutions for synchronization and downloading certain data from the ERP system. The solutions enable:

  • Downloading and processing product information and product categories in the eCommerce system. As a result of this process, multi-variant products assigned to the appropriate categories available in the online store were developed.
  • Cyclic synchronization of stocks and basic selling prices as well as systematic transfer of information to the database of the online store.

All sales in one place

Within the connection of online sales with the warehouse and accounting system, the entire purchase path was implemented into the ERP system. The effect of it was fully automatic generation of documents using the API XL library. The documents can be generated depending on the adopted variants, e.g. taking into account shipping methods.

The basic implementation of orders was reflected in the ERP system using order documents, a receipt and, upon request, an invoice generated for the receipt. Transport documents, automatically associated with the customer's order, are generated depending on the method of delivery. In each case, within the framework of the generation of the transport document, data on the number of packages, the shipper and the date of shipment are transferred.

Connecting the online and offline worlds

The Monnari eCommerce system is also opened to OmniChannel Retailing. With the transfer of corporate addresses stored in the ERP to the list of reception points, it is possible to receive the order at any showroom in the whole country.

The results of the implementation and future tasks

After moving the whole eCommerce system to the i-systems software, Monnari's marketing department gained greater opportunities in the creation and use of promotional activities. The workflow related to sales and customer service was also streamlined.

In addition, each i-systems software update is an update and full compatibility of all the implemented solutions. The plan is to implement greater connection of the online and offline channels and using the potential of omnichanel solutions.

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