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Case Study eCommerce: Li Parie

Li Parie is a company with years of experience in the lingerie industry. It is distinguished by its extremely wide offer. The range of products of Li Parie includes underwear designed by famous designers and a large selection of corsets, swimwear and accessories.

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Li Parie sells and educates their customers. As one of the first in Poland, the company took up professional selection of underwear, the so-called bra fitting. It offers "underwear metamorphosis of the whole body" to its customers and the so-called body coaching - workshops of knowledge and communication with their bodies. The offer also includes corsetry services - the possibility of remaking bras according to the individual needs of customers (including the offer for nursing mothers and Amazons).

Our previous online store was already a few years old. We wanted to change the existing website to one that would be modern and adapted to the current eCommerce standards. We decided to work with i-systems because of the good reviews on the Internet and awards granted to the company.

— Anna Osman-Sycik, Li Parie Lingerie

The new Li Parie website was created basing on the responsive web design solution which enables proper displaying of all its elements, regardless of the type of device used. Creating a new layout based on the principle of mobile first. This way of planning work (from the mobile version and the desktop afterwards) makes the store easier to maintain and provides greater opportunities for development. A responsive site is also a way to reach a larger number of customers and the impact on better site positioning.

Offer suitability for the individual needs of customers

Multi variants used on product sheets. Customers if the store, after choosing a particular model, may base buying a bra on three criteria: color, circuit under the bust and cup size. As a result, they have a greater possibility to make the product meet their individual needs.

Product sheet view

Expert advice online

The chain of Li Parie stores wanted to be the first in Poland, which to have professional bra fitting online within their services. Such a possibility was introduced through the use of video chat. Enabling this feature in the system, the administrator is able to provide its expert advice online for customers.

Developing a list of my favourites

During the implementation, an additional functionality was developed - a product depository, the so-called wishlist. In contrast to a typical depository, the one operating in the new Li Parie store enables adding items to favourites, without having to enter the product data sheet. Adding products to the wishlist takes place via a special heart-shaped button.

Virtual tour of showrooms

The Li Parie online store is not only customers' opportunity to learn the current offer but also an opportunity to know the interior of stationary showrooms. The chain has four such points. The virtual walk through the stationary stores of the brand is possible through the use of 360-degree spherical images. This way of presenting stationary sales outlets not only gives credence to the company in the eyes of potential customers but also raises its prestige.

Virtual tour of showrooms

Auto loading products

The new Li Parie store used auto loading products. It's a new convenient functionality that enables free browsing of products, without the customers' need to click on additional buttons used to develop the offer.

Attractive profits for a registered customer

The system has an additional module of birthday vouchers, configured from the customer panel. The store administrator has the possibility to determine the date on which the voucher should be sent, its value and validity period. Once these settings of vouchers are done the vouchers are sent to all registered customers automatically.

Additionally, there is a possibility to buy gift cards, available in five quota variants. The vouchers are downloadable in virtual or printed format. They can be used in the stationary store or the online one. During the implementation, a loyalty program was also introduced through which points are awarded for every transaction of a logged customer. The collected points can be exchanged for gifts by customers. The list of available gifts can be seen on customers' accounts.

Streamlining sales processes

The new Li Parie store has been integrated with the ERP Retilia accounting and warehouse system. The integration took place through an API that has been made available to customers by i-systems. The scope of this integration enabled:

  • basic data synchronization,
  • regular updating of prices and inventory,
  • document management (automatic bookings at ERP, exchange of documents, etc.),
  • conversion of orders into PA/FV.

Integration with the ERP system is a benefit for employees who have constant access to current information but also for customers who can depend on efficient execution of orders. This all affects the quality of service in the store and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Results of implementation

Currently, the Li Parie store is a modern and responsive eCommerce website, in line with current trends. It's also a number of interesting features used in the shop (multi variants, video chat, wishlist, etc.), an unconventional way of presenting stationary stores and the automation of processes affecting sales performance.

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