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Case Study – Supersklep

Superstore is the largest store in Poland with prestigious brand names, associated with such fields as snowboarding, skateboarding, streetwear, hip-hop, BMX or FreeSki.

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The need for change

Superstore, over the last few years, has been developing its strong position on the Polish e-commerce market. During this time, it has practically not changed its appearance and functionality. However, customer needs have changed a lot. The store needed a new layout in responsive web design, refreshed branding and a new, more dynamic identity. All changes were to give a modern style and look of the Superstore, to facilitate purchases using mobile devices and, as a result - to increase the efficiency of the company's business.

Challenges of eCommerce

Customers of the Superstore are very attached and used to both the store brands and the brands of their products. The store has a very popular and powerful loyalty program which was to be refreshed. All changes were to be implemented by evolution and supported by studies of user experience with real users of the store.

In addition, Superstore has a rich content. The work associated with the new visual identity assumed a store with more than 30 content sites.

In this project, i-systems was responsible for the preparation of a new branding and responsiveness. During the design and implementation, close cooperation with the customer's IT department was required.

Applied solutions

A large number of sites, products and manufacturers require a redesign of the navigation at the store. Five main categories of products have been created - Sneak, Street, Skate, Snow and Hip-Hop. All of them are available under the logo and transfer the user directly to specially prepared thematic categories.

UX research results signalled another issue to be considered by the project team - they were to streamline the process of searching for specific products by target customers. The solutions applied were to facilitate the search of products.

An advanced search engine displays a hint immediately after entering names, broken down by products, categories and brands.

The filter panel above the list of products. It contains the most important criteria, such as gender, price, colour or size.

Developing according to the principle of mobile first

The plan of responsive store was based on the principle of mobile first. The plan was to start work on the narrowest version, which forced the optimal distribution of content. The next step was to systematically develop, to the tablet and desktop versions, the availability of working space. In this way, all versions are transparent and useful to customers on any device. In addition to standard breakpoints, fluid design was also used. Thanks to it, the site is even more fluid. Developers' work was also carried out according to the principle of mobile first. It is natural for a browser and a developer (interpretation and inheritance of styles is done from top to bottom). As a result, the site code is transparent, easier to maintain and easier to develop in the future.

The results of the implementation and future tasks

Currently, Superstore meets all the requirements of the best trends in the design of online stores. The new identification stressed the dynamic nature of the brand, and the addition of responsiveness facilitated mobile shopping. The store has been awarded in the category of mCommerce in the Mobile Trends Awards 2014.

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